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The Turtle Healing Band Clinic serves the communities in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, by offering alternative medicine treatments to men, women, and children of all ages. The clinic’s providers are licensed by the First Nation Medical Board and operate under the jurisdiction of the Native American Crow Tribe. 

At Turtle Healing Band Clinic, the team focuses on using alternative medicine to optimize patient health. By using the latest advances and research in alternative medicine, the team successfully treats patients suffering from various ailments, including cancer, allergies, and chronic pain. For patients who haven’t received the proper care, attention, and results from traditional medical specialists, Turtle Healing Band Clinic has offered the relief and comfort they needed.

The team at Turtle Healing Band Clinic has the knowledge, skills, and compassion necessary to help patients achieve and maintain a high level of wellness and vitality. Patients have effectively battled cancer, been tested for Nagalase, overcome chronic pain, received pulsed electromagnetic therapy and intravenous nutrient infusions, and benefited from various alternative medical treatments with the assistance of the providers at Turtle Healing Band Clinic.

By taking a holistic approach to care, the skilled providers at Turtle Healing Band Clinic can ensure that patient health and satisfaction are top priorities. 

For the most advanced and effective alternative medicine treatments, book an appointment at Turtle Healing Band Clinic online or by phone today.

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THBC is 1st CLINIC with CV-PULS!

Turtle Healing Band Clinic recently became the 1st Clinic in United States to have a CV-Puls from Germany and to use PEMF for pelvic disorders.


Dr. Dan reviews obituaries and reports on study associating lower lipoprotein(a) with longevity, study showing olive oil reduces heart diseases/strokes, homeopathy case of dandruff and hair loss, and nattokinase as an enzyme that dissolves blood clots.


Words from our patients

  • "I believe with 100% certainty that I wouldn't be here writing this right now if I hadn't found Dr. Royal"

    Mark S.
  • "I am so very grateful to Doctor Royal and the care he has given me. He is the best doctor!"

    Kim M.
  • "My attitude has improved 100% since before the treatment when my hopes for any future recovery were dim. Now, I feel that I have a future!"

    W. Brown
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