Dr.  Daniel F. Royal, DO, CTP, JD

Feb. 11-Daniel Royal, DO, CTP, JD reviews international obituaries of those who died too soon from diseases they shouldn't have had, reviews side-effects of Tamiflu, lists 5 drugs that should be deprescribed, shares a homeopathic case of hyperlipidemia, and discusses heart rate variability....Tired of disease management? Want health optimization? Want to know more about Stem Cells, Natural Cancer Treatments, etc.? Listen to "The Royal Treatment," Tuesdays 1-2 p.m. (PST), on or send an email to:

Dr.  Daniel F. Royal, DO, CTP, JD Dr. Daniel F. Royal, DO, CTP, JD Dr. Daniel F. Royal graduation in 1989 from the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. He later became Board Certified in Family Practice and obtained additional training in medical alternatives in Europe and Canada. In 2003, Dr. Royal graduated UNLV's William S. Boyd School of Law and passed the Nevada State Bar and U.S. Patent Bar exams. In 2010, Dr. Royal conducted a clinical study showing that an adaptogen supplement could be used to correct nutritional deficiencies. In January 2011, he filed a patent for a method of obtaining pluripotent stem cells from autologous blood. In February 2020, his clinical study on Nagalase was published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Currently, Dr. Royal is a Certified Tribal Practitioner for the Turtle Healing Band Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada where he uses stem cells and other regenerative medicine products and protocols for his patients. He also has a weekly radio show, “The Royal Treatment,” on, Tuesdays 1-2 p.m.

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