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Doctor Allen Miller Doctor received his Chiropractic Degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College, in Los Angeles, California. Later, he became a Diplomate of Sports Medicine from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and Certification in Sports Medicine from the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Miller obtained his Master’s Degree in Sports Sciences and Communication from Great Bay University, Wilmington, Delaware.

Dr. Miller’s work experiences include:

  • Team Chiropractor for US Track and Field Team and Board Member to the US Track and Field Auxiliary Medical Committee (1989 World Games held in Barcelona, Spain)
  • Team Chiropractor for the Nigerian, Sierra Leone, and Ghana Olympic Track and
    Field Teams (1992 Olympic games held in Barcelona, Spain)
  • Team Chiropractor for the Soviet Union and the Panamanian Olympic Teams (1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Biomechanics Optimization Expert and Associate Professor (1998 Driverless Truck Development Program in Carnegie Mellon University)
  • National Medical Director and Team Chiropractor for Coors Lite Bicycle Racing Team and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (Sierra Circuit)


Dr. Miller is an international speaker, television commentator, and published author where he has made frequent contributions to numerous publications on such subjects as health and wellness and the use of Cannabis in the treatment of Chronic Pain. He is a recognized court forensic soft tissue injury expert in 14 states as well as an expert in chronic pain, Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Opioid Dependence. Currently, Dr. Miller is President of BioNutraceutical Health Solutions, a national consultant to Workers' Compensation payers and insurance companies, and he is licensed as a Certified Tribal Healer with the Turtle Healing Band Clinic.

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